A320 Cockpit

An iPhone/iPad app to meet your training needs.

A320 Cockpit App
The A320 Cockpit App was designed for both the iPad, and iPhone, by professional pilots, instructors and check airman flying the A320 series airliner for over a decade. The app is meant as a "lights and switches" study tool to help line pilots to prepare for their oral checkride and recurrent training events.
Memorization / Self Study
The app also comes with 600+ systems questions. A standard limitation question database is also included with over 100 cards. Limitation cards can be edited, and new ones can be created by the user. The above questions are presented in a flashcard format with many customizations options. For example, you can test your knowledge on FAULT lights only, or filter your questions by any system or panel. Best of all, focus your study on a reduced set of questions most likely to appear during an oral checkride.
App Customization
The cockpit image is based on the latest cockpit configurations, LED displays, with current graphics for the E/WD. Submodes for the system display and navigation display. It can be further configured to show different versions of ADIRS, TCAS and radar panels.
System Reference
The app is a perfect cockpit companion. Pan and zoom around a detailed, high resolution image of the cockpit. With a touch of a finger access detailed system information about 300+ switches, pushbuttons, and lights. You an also add your own notes, or trigger a quick flashcard test for a given item.
Highly recommend. ★★★★★
I’m a 12 year Airbus captain and find this app very helpful for check ride preparation.
Amazing app helped me through ground school but please update fuel panel for 321!! ★★★★★
Great app! Helped with training in ground school but please update fuel panel or allow option to update fuel panel and add more to the overhead panel like data link and maintained panel if possible. Thanks.
Mostly amazing ★★★★☆
I used this in training and it was tremendously helpful to have as an interactive button book. Recommended it to classmates and instructors. The flows study is useful, but the flows testing is frustrating. Flows are marked with a circle of fixed size, so to get a flow right you have to know where that circle is. Sometimes it’s tiny relative to the large size of a panel you’re checking, sometimes it’s twice the size of a switch. A resizeable rectangle with draggable corners would be so, so much more user friendly.
Great app ★★★★☆
Helped a ton through initial and still helps with every recurrent. The only thing I would change is the zoom that occurs every time you press on a switch/knob/screen. I feel like I’m zooming out the whole time while trying to study a panel. The ETHOS A320 app doesn’t zoom and I keep going back to that app because of it.
Got me through initial ★★★★★
Made the mistake and bought the other inferior app. This app is loaded with features that the other app doesn’t. This app got me through initial training and every recurrent. Don’t make the same mistake I did and just buy this one.
Excellent App ★★★★★
Using for upgrade. Very happy with it.
Awesome ★★★★★
Well done! Great app. Worth the money. I hope they keep updating it. No issues thus far
Amazing ★★★★★
Saved my bacon!!! 100% worth it!!!
Great App to Learn Flows ★★★★☆
@Aire Wolfe
I hope they keep developing this app to include more Airline flows and provide an easier way to create and edit the flows. I created my own but it can be a little time consuming. The number of characters you can use in the flows and sub-flows is limited so a character counter would be helpful. Still, once the flows were created, it is fantastic to practice flows or flash cards whenever you have a few free minutes. If you are a new hire or upgrading, this is worth buying.
Worth every penny!! ★★★★★
This app is absolutely incredible for learning everything a new airbus pilot needs to know.
Great app for all Airbus Pilots ★★★★★
Like the title says... I wish I would have known about this app prior to initial training at NK. This app makes studying for orals a breeze. It is a well designed app that will direct you through flows (NK), it will help you have a complete understanding of each switch and what each light means, and an up to date database of limitations. If you are new to Airbus or well seasoned on the “bus”... this is a must have app for any prep. A+
Worth every penny. Perfect for initial training and staying current. ★★★★★
Amazing app! Thankfully I was introduced to it prior to going to initial training and it really helped prepare me. I still use it weekly to stay proficient. Would recommend to any Airbus pilot. I have bought other Airbus apps, but this one is the most user friendly.
Excellent Teaching Aide ★★★★★
Have used this app to learn systems/limitations and flows. Easy to use. Very thorough . Great investment!
Best study guide available for Spirit ★★★★★
Was invaluable as a new hire. And still used to this day for recurrent. Great job
Excellent App ★★★★★
This is a very well made app. So much better than Aerosim! So many more functions.
Best A320 app! ★★★★★
This is an excellent app! I wish I had this app for initial training! I tried another cockpit app that doesn't compare. The app is very functional, user friendly, thorough and accurate. Great for training and review!
Helped in initial training. ★★★★★
This app has several hundred flash cards that are based on study guides from B6, VX, NK, DL, AA, and UAL. This by far is the best part of the app. I was able to hit the cards on my phone during van drives, in the hotel, etc. It made the oral and also the written easy. I have it on my company iPad as well. It is great to pull it up in flight for a quick review on a switch that you never use. It has all the switches, and lights covered. $39 does seems a bit pricey for an app, but well worth it at the end.
Great Study Guide! ★★★★★
This is one of the best study guides I have used to study the A320. The app is easy to use and gives you a good review of the Airbus.
A big help for systems review. ★★★★★
I used the A320 Cockpit app to review systems for my recurrent Proficiency Check and it was great! I'll be using it again soon for Captain Upgrade and as needed for a systems refresher. Worked without any issues on my iphone 5.
Most Comprehensive A320 Guide ★★★★★
Being able to customize the cockpit to the specific airline configurations is huge. The study mode makes it easy to learn and prepare for the checkride. Likely checkride questions are on point. Limitations study is a fantastic tool. Graphics are spot on and the app runs smoothly. Overall this is by far the best A320 cockpit study guide out there. Highly recommended.
A320 Cockpit ★★★★★
I have had a chance to thoroughly review this A320 cockpit trainer. I used it to study for an A32O proficiency check. I can tell you I wish I had this trainer for my type rating. It's incredibly detailed. Easy to use and intuitive. This trainer has unique features that will maximize your precious time while studying. The feature that lets you not only review what the button does, but also system review questions is ingenious. Allows for seeing areas where you are strong or weak areas to review later. The graphics are crisp and the trainer is adaptable. Over all I think it has an edge on other trainers out there.
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